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Media hw must be longer than 500 words (just decide 1part)


THE BOOK(Gender, Race, and Class in Media: A Critical Reader Fourth Edition, by Dines and Humez)


 Watch one of the shows or films discussed in one of our assigned textbook readings that you have never seen before. Write your opinion about the reading regarding media text analyzed, based on your new understanding from watching. You must refer specifically to textbook to get full points. This is due anytime, but at latest.



HW Ouestions:


Essay 4: How are people controlled by Hegemony?(Textbook #4)


Essay 6: What type of values or ideas does Palmer assert affect “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” viewers the most?(Textbook #6)


Essay 17: Rush Limbaugh is against Who? What? – Give examples.(Textbook #17)


Essay 21: What is culture jamming?(Textbook #21)


Essay 22: What does “camp” mean?(Textbook #22)


Essay 31: What is commodity feminism?(Textbook #31)


Essay 40: Why do male hip-hop artists have women acting like “bitches and hoes” in their videos?(Textbook #40)


Essay 44: As the US produces most of worldwide children’s programming, how could this negatively affect children? Hint: cultural imperialism…(Textbook #44)


Essay #56: What are some of the stereotypical traits of Asians that Wang shows are commonly presented on reality television?(Textbook #56)


Essay #57: How does Judge Judy treat those who do not “take responsibility for themselves?”(Textbook #57)


Essay 63: Why was Showtime’s show about lesbians “The L Word” criticized?

(Textbook #63)


Essay 69: How are immigrant Latinos labeled in a way that makes them seem like a threat to society?(Textbook #69)






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