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Math-107 quiz-1 | Algebra homework help

Please remember to show ALL of your work on every problem.  If there is no work to show, then include a sentence or two explaining your answer.  

Here are the basic rules of showing work: 

· Each step should show the complete expression or equation rather than a piece of it. 

· Each new step should follow logically from the previous step, following rules of algebra. 

· Each new step should be beneath the previous step. 

· The equal sign, =, should only connect equal numbers or expressions. 

1a. (2 pts) Which of the following represents the distance between  -12.4 and  – 6.9 on the number line?                 Indicate your choice .        

1b. (2 pts) Find the distance.  Show your work.


please solve the Quiz attached herewith 

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