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Marketing midterm | Marketing homework help

Complete this Marketing midterm. super easy with all reading attachments to help with answers. Answers should be cohesive and atleast 2 paragraphs. Please contact me with any questions. 


Please answer these questions. Provide your answers in a document and attach or paste it into assignment tab for the midterm.   Your midterm responses are due no later than Sunday March 17th at  11PM. Any late responses will lose points.  Be sure to fully develop your answers.  Responses that are very short, without comprehensive thinking shown will receive very few points.



1.      What factors contributed to the rise of modern advertising during the last 100 years?  How has advertising changed over the last 10 years?  15 pts.



2.      Select a brand and find examples of at least three of its different communications – advertisements, promotions, public relations, direct response, events, packaging, Web, etc.  Describe these efforts. What is the message that each example communicates to consumers?  What is the brand image each creates?  Do you think that these examples illustrate an integrated marketing communications strategy?  Why or why not? 15 pts   



3.      Compare and contrast business-to-business and consumer advertising in terms of audiences, media, and advertising techniques.  Give an example of a company that uses business to business advertising.  How do they use it?  10 points



4.      What are the benefits of television advertising?  Even with media fragmentation, why do advertisers continue to use TV?  Give an example of one advertiser who uses TV and explain how they use it.  What is their message? Does it appear to be effective? 15 pts.


5.      What factors have influenced newspaper advertising trends in the last 10 years?  Discuss. 10 pts


6.      An advertiser chooses to use TV, radio, newspapers and the web to launch a new local restaurant.  Explain how the communications message would differ in each of these mediums. How should they use each medium? What benefits would they communicate in order to tap into the uniqueness of each medium. 20 pts.


7.      What are the benefits of print advertising such as magazines?  Why would an advertiser choose to use magazines in their advertising plan?  Discuss one advertiser that uses magazines and describe what message they are conveying in their ad.  How does their message differ from an ad on TV.  Be specific and give examples, describe their advertising messages in these mediums. 15 pts

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