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After reading the WP #5 instructions. the textbook chapter on writing proposals, and the LECTURE, you may be scratching your head and thinking: “What do I know about building a parking lot on a college campus? Furthermore, what does my professor know about building a parking lot?” Well, most likely, the answer is nothing, zero, nada, blank, absolutely nothing! How in the world am I going to complete an internal proposal, complete with six different parts on a subject I know nothing about? Good question! Students should start with a list. You will first need to make a list of items needed to fill in each part of the assignment components. Prepare yourself for some research, and research means TIME INVESTED. Here are the six headings you will need to research in order to complete the proposal parts: P. 1 – Transmittal Letter (cover letter), (one page) P. 2 – Executive Summary, (half page to one page) P. 3 – Internal Proposal: Introduction, Body and Conclusion, (three pages) P. 6 – Cost Analysis, (half page to one page) P. 7 – Timeline, or schedule of delivery, (half page to one page) P. 8 – Description of Vendor (one page) What information will I need for each category of the proposal? Where, on the Brewton Parker campus will I build the new parking lot? That should be the first question. The answer will be used in every part of the proposal–cover letter, costs, timeline, and all parts of the proposal, including the introduction, body and conclusion. Now that you have an idea of WHERE the parking lot will be built, what do you need to do to the property in order to prepare it for building or grading, or pouring? Well, do you know anyone that has built a parking lot? What companies build parking lots? You are representing the company that will do this, so you should name your company before writing the proposal.

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