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Marketing | Marketing homework help

Tittle: business management
Choose Topic: Marketing
Number of Pages: 2

Question Description: Upload a report in MS Word format, 12-pt font, one-inch margins, single space. Upload an Appendix containing any supporting documentation. You can also include all supporting documentation as separate attachments with your submission.

Any instances of plagiarism will result in grade of “0” for the assignment. Any issues with formatting and excessive spelling will result in deductions of up to 10 points. It is acceptable to go over the page limit but please do not write more than 5 pages.

This assignment supports the following course learning objectives (CLOs):
1.Explain how managers shape organizational culture and ethical values.
2.Examine how managers design the organization for the international environment.

Just answer to this 2 questions with sources that related to design organization.
Org. Change Consulting Report
Org. Change Consulting Report
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganizational Analysis
1. Description of the organization, its products/services. Include a brief history, location of headquarters. Identify industry (if large organization, describe local office in more detail). Ensure you are discussing relevant metrics and data (e.g., financials and sales volume are important if that is part of the change effort; otherwise, focus on number of employees, structure of the organization, culture of the organization, etc.)
2. Strategic information about the organization (mission, vision, values, strategic objectives)
3. Information about current weaknesses and/or threats the organization may be experiencing
4. Information about the current change efforts. Is there a clear connection between why the change was needed and the proposed outcome of the change?

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