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Listening Traps | Sociology homework help

Coach Mentor Self-Assessment Presentation

Resource: Coaching and Mentoring Skills Textbook

Review Ch. 1–4 of Coaching and Mentoring Skills and complete the following Are You Ready? activities:

•    The Ethical Reasoning Inventory (Ch. 1)
•    How Much Empathy Do You Have? (Ch. 2)
•    Listening Traps (Ch. 3)
•    Positive-Impression Survey (Ch. 4)
•    Assertiveness Scale (Ch. 4)
•    How Important Do I Make People Feel? (Ch. 4)

Discuss the results of each team member’s individual self-assessments. During your discussions, identify areas of strength and areas that require further development.

Prepare a presentation that summarizes the team’s collective strengths and areas that must be developed. For each team member, identify a goal that will facilitate development of one attribute of a coach or mentor.

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