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Lesson 12 peer response | Management homework help

Peer 1 

The program director of Robbinsdale Hospital should consider the target audience of the advertising. This would allow them to decide the best option between rational or emotional to drive home the message. In my opinion, the emotional appeal will be the better option because the target market is parents and guardians who have children with severe medical complications. Since the rational appeal focuses on the product’s quality and its usefulness(Rational vs emotional marketing for international audiences 2018). Since the health care facility treas medical complications and is not noted as a specialty facility means the rational approach would be less effective. Although the Alliance for Health Care Strategy and Marketing noted that advertising shouldn’t use emotional appeals to take advantage(Berkowitz, 2017), in this case, emotional appeal is necessary to appeal to a parent or guardian’s need to protect their children especially if they will be in need of a facility to treat severe medical complications. Emotions are the strongest tool the marketing department will have to promote the facility’s ability to care for the pediatric needs of the community. Appealing to the fear of the worst-case scenario will be effective in steering the necessary patients to the facility.


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Peer 2

      The approach of emotional and rational appeals is very beneficial for companies. One side appeals to the pathos of the human psyche, while the other deals with the logos of the human mind. The appeal for the case provided is the one that appeals to the pathos that most humans have. Therefore, when it comes to which approach to use when advertising a medical facility that treats infants suffering from medical complications when delivered, it should be emotional appeal. The reason for the moving request is because of the subject matter. The subject matter, in this case, is infants dying. An approach that maximizes the appeal of both methods is practical compared to a singular practice. However, it would be moving if it is a decision whether it is an emotional or rational approach. The passionate appeal approach works well in this case since it appeals to someone’s strong feelings through imagery compared to the numbers, like a percentage of the number of infants that died(Emotional Appeals in Advertising, 2018). The methodology of the approach is the key to making customers go to the facility as it connects the image to our feelings (GCU, 2020). The emotional appeal is the appeal that should be used.


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