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Legal and ethical issues of using internet search engines | Information Systems homework help

What is your opinion of companies like Google that gather information about your browsing patterns?

What advantages and drawbacks does this pose for consumers?

If you were a business owner, what kinds of information would you gather on your customers and how would you use it?

What are the legal and ethical issues of using internet search engines?

Evaluate Google’s diversification into new products and businesses, with particular reference to:

  • video sharing (YouTube)
  • browsers (Chrome)
  • mobile phone operating systems (Android)

True or False :

1. The trend is for mobile browsers and web sites to rely on the use of plug-ins such as Flash even more heavily in the future

2. Accessing a web database requires a browser to run software to access the database, but it does not require a special type of database

3. HTML 5 does not support modern web media

4. Client-side and server-side are types of scripts

5. displaying data from a web database by creating web pages on demand retrieving the most current data, is called static web publishing

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