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Innovation vs. Invention | Information Systems homework help

This course has been focused  on technology that transforms.  Technology streamlines our business  operations, speeds up innovations in supporting business strategies, and  more.  In this final paper, which is in four parts, we will make  technology that transforms personal.

First, it’s fun to think that your own invention is a dream for you.   You all have ideas.  If that’s your dream, by all means pursue it!! For  most of us, however, we will innovate; innovation can make us millions  of dollars and have an impact, locally, nationally or even  globally….or all of the above.

For example, every year millions of people bag their fall leaves.   One person took the idea, and created leaf bags with pumpkins on them,  and sold millions…it was an innovation.  In another example, a friend  of mine was tired of things moving around the back of his truck, so he  developed a Lego-type adjustable grid system that can hold groceries in  place, bikes, heck — you name it; his patent is complete and he’s  working on marketing it now. In a final example, the “Square” was  invented in an incubation center in St. Louis, MO…an easy way to  process payments with credit cards by using your smart phones and  tablets…I used one today at a local baseball field…now the common  person has access to what was previously barriers to entry into  business.

Using the resources and  knowledge provided in this course, adding your own research, and  including your own passion, the final assignment is to discuss the  following three items in a short paper.

  • 25 points. Define your understanding of innovation vs. Invention in a paragraph.  Provide an example. 
  • 50 points. List an innovation  or invention you’d like to pursue, and include how technology can make  your idea a success.  Up to 2 pages are recommended. Comment on how this  innovation or invention supports your strategy, competitive advantage,  profitability, and differentiation (i.e., how your innovation  differentiates from the others). Highlight the terms strategy, profitability, competitive advantage and differentiation in yellow in your paper
  • 25 points. In a paragraph, discuss a female inventor or innovator, what they achieved, and why you admire them.  
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