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Industrialized agriculture | Agriculture homework help

  1. Summarize the story of industrialized food production in the United States.
  2. True or False: In today’s economic structure, agribusiness jobs are predominantly non-farm jobs.
  3. Define and distinguish among industrialized agriculture (high-input agriculture), plantation agriculture, traditional subsistence agriculture, and traditional intensive agriculture.

    How is the model Farmer method different from the Contact Farmer / Group method commonly used in both NGO and Government extension services in Uganda?

    What are the new inventions in the 2nd agricultural revolution?

    Which of the following statement about rural and agricultural development is true?

    a. Rural development is the same as agricultural development.

    b. The agrarian community requires a full range of services such as schools, merchants, banks, and so on.

    c. Household nonfarm income is uncorrelated to farm productivity and household incomes in Kenya.

    d. China’s rural population receives little income from nonfarm income.

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