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Human Services | Human Resource Management homework help

Out of the many different avenues to choose from the two that I resonate with would be an Addiction Counselor and A Human Services Professional. An Addiction Counselor because it is something I would like to get into considering I am a recovering addict myself and suffer with addiction as well. I feel like I could be a big help to those who suffer with addiction of all sorts because I do myself. “they are familiar with diagnosis and treatment planning and understand the importance of psychopharmacology in working with these populations.” (Edward S. Neukrug, 2017,2014) I feel like more people would listen to what I have to say being that I have gone through so many similar things that they have or had gone through. The other avenue I chose would be a Human Services Professional because I would one day like to open my very own halfway house helping the folks in need to get back on their feet and learn life again being sober individuals. “Human Service Professionals are responsibile for assisting individuals, families, and communities in overcoming their problems and improving their quality of life.” (columbia.ca) I just want to help others where I was not able to get the same help. Being able to help folks in these situations would mean thee world to me.


What is your interest with Human Servicces, if that is your major, and what made you choose this?

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