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How to Write a Movie Review Essay: Guide and illustrations

How to Write a Movie Review Essay: Guide and illustrations

Are you experiencing some difficulties writing a film critique? More importantly, do you know what it takes to write a film or movie review essay that will convince your professor to give you the grade that you deserve? Many students are required in high school or college courses that require them to analyze film as an art form.

A student should know how they feel about the film by writing an engaging opening paragraph with strong opinions on the topic at hand as well as making connections between their life experiences and what was shown in the film. This blog post will provide some helpful tips on how to write a good review on Movies.

Movie Review Definition

What is movie review? A movie or film review essay is a form of literary criticism in which a writer analyzes the film’s production elements, genre and style, thematic content, and social or political implications. A well-written movie review essay may be used as an example of a persuasive text to convince readers that they should see the movie for themselves.

Steps of Writing a Movie Review

  • Outline your thoughts on paper before starting typing them up onto the keyboard (this gives you time to think about what points you want to make)
  • Start with an introduction paragraph where you state who this film targets and why would someone want to watch it.
  • Think about what you want your readers to take away from the review and how they can apply that knowledge when watching this film for themselves (you may not know until you have watched it completely).
  • Draw comparisons between films, actors or actresses, directors etc. so that your essay has substance and doesn’t seem like a one dimensional opinion piece;
  • End with an ending paragraph where you summarize all of the points in your review by saying whether or not people should see it. Give some parting words too if there are interesting facts which came up during filming but didn’t make into the final cut of the movie.

At this point, the thing to keep in mind when writing a film review is that you need to have an opinion. There will be people who disagree with your rating and some may even find it offensive, but they are entitled to their own opinion as well! If after watching this movie you were bored or didn’t like it at all, say so confidently! Be convincing by explaining why you liked/didn’t like something about the movie and get others thinking about what worked for them too.

Examples of Film/Movie Reviews and Sample Outline

Sample 1

Title of Film Review Essay example: “A Quiet Place”

Introduction sentence that gives the reader a short synopsis which will entice them to want to read further into your review. In this case, it is giving the summary and what you thought about the film in regards to how it was executed.

A Quiet Place follows an unnamed family’s struggle for survival as they live life in silence while avoiding detection by mysterious creatures.”

Body sentences include thoughts on specific elements such as cinematography and acting performances with one main idea being explored at a time. The body paragraphs are broken up by subheadings (subheading titles) so that each point can be discussed individually without getting too wordy.

Conclusion sentence to summarize your thoughts on the film and whether or not you would recommend watching it.

A Quiet Place is a well-executed, suspenseful thriller that takes place in silence. It beautifully captures fear of everyday objects we usually take for granted.”

I would highly recommend seeing this movie as there are only two others like it out right now: “Get Out” and “Bird Box”. A Quiet Place uses sound brilliantly by being completely silent yet still having an intense soundtrack.”

Sample 2

Film Title “There Will Be Blood“.

– Begin with an introduction sentence, which should be a summary of what can be expected from this review.

-“This write-up will explore There Will Be Blood in detail: its themes and meaning as well as where it falls on the spectrum between artful cinema and exploitation.”

– The paragraph that follows should introduce each point presented in your outline by writing at least one sentence about the idea or theme before moving onto another topic.

-“The first third of There Will Be Blood introduces Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis) talking to his son HWT Jr.; he tears up when speaking about how much he misses him because they’re apart so often.

The second third of the movie consists mainly of Plainview’s attempt to find oil and build a drilling company from scratch.

The final part, which covers only fifteen minutes as opposed to an hour and a half or so in total, is where he achieves this goal – but at what cost?

You may want to end your review with some concluding thoughts. Here you should summarize the paper by looking back on what was presented and/or adding any extra information that will help others who read it understand its message better.

-“In short: ‘There Will Be Blood’ manages to be both entertaining for those seeking pure entertainment while also carrying a subtle brilliance beneath its surface if one cares enough about it.It might not be the most sophisticated of films, but it is full of human emotion and that might be its greatest strength. In the end, there may not be any more to this than a film about oil drilling. The movie’s finale leaves room for interpretation. It was good enough in my opinion.

You can also check other movie review essay sample for documentary on Beslan.

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In this blog post, we’ve provided a review of what goes into writing an engaging movie review essay. We hope that our tips and examples can help you accomplish your goal- whether it be to write a high school or college level paper on film reviews or just for fun! If you need more help with any aspect of the essay process, let us know by contacting Essay-writing.com today. Our expert writers are waiting for your “help me with my homework request” – to take on your next assignment with enthusiasm and professionalism so that we can work together to create something amazing -all while meeting all deadlines set forth in advance. So go ahead, explore some new movies now and then get started on your first draft!

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