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How to Find the best Scholarly Sources Online: APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago Format

The internet is a vast place with many resources, and finding the best scholarly sources online can be challenging. Many of these free databases offer different types of content that are all useful for different purposes. This blog post will provide instructions on how to find scholarly sources online.

Scholars and students are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of databases they can use for research, and it is difficult to know which ones are going to give them the best results. This post will help you navigate through these databases so that you can find relevant articles quicker. This resource also has more information on how to research your term paper topics with credible sources for an A+ grade.

Scholarly Sources Definition

A scholar might ask “what are Scholarly sources?” As an academic researcher who uses these as resources, what does this question mean? Scholarly sources are academic articles that have been checked by a group of scholars for quality. Peer reviewed journals and peer-reviewed article examples are scholarly publications in which the content is scrutinized before publication to ensure its thoroughness, accuracy, or clarity.

Popular Versus Scholarly sources

Popular sources are the ones that you typically see online, such as blogs and social media. They don’t always have a peer-review process for fact checking or accuracy of information.

Scholarly sources are more credible academic in nature and they do go through a rigorous review process to ensure factual integrity. Examples of scholarly sources include books, reports and journals that have been peer reviewed by experts before being published. It is important to remember that not all scholarly sources are written for the general public as some articles can be highly scientific or complex.

Scholarly Sources Examples

  1. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Full text articles across the range of social psychology, covering topics such as cognition, developmental psychology, personality theory and research, prejudice/discrimination including racial attitudes and ethnocentrism, relationships; stress/health (including chronic diseases). A top journal for these areas. Source cited by over 18% of all scholarly papers published in this area in 2005. Citation rate has increased steadily since 1993.
  2. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology: Full text articles for the study of social behavior, with an emphasis on basic issues and experimental research. Source cited by over 12% of all scholarly papers published in this area in 2005.
  3. Journal of Personality: Peer reviewed journal dedicated to publishing original empirical studies that explore both normal personality variation and abnormal personality functioning across a variety of theoretical perspectives; especially those emphasizing broad-based assessment or multimethod approaches to understanding individual differences (e.g., psychometric tests, self-report scales). A top journal for these topics. Source cited by over 11% of all scholarly papers published in this area in 2005. Citation rate has increased steadily since 1993.
  4. The American Journal of Managed Care: This is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes articles on the provision and management of healthcare. Articles are published in a variety of formats, including research papers, opinion pieces, and letters to the editor, book reviews and conference proceedings. Source cited by over 11% of all scholarly papers published in this area in 2005. Citation rate has increased steadily since 1993.
  5. Journal of Personality: This journal is one of the top-ranked journals in psychology, psychiatry, and mental health.

Scholarly Sources Websites

Where can I get scholarly sources to use in my college papers? This has been a common question to among most students.

If I am in need for scholarly sources, then these websites should come first:

  • Google Scholar
  • Project MUSE
  • AJO ScholarsArchive Online (AJO)
  • edu: this one has been my favorite because it provides the author’s CV as well which means all their work can be easily found with them providing an easy link at the top left corner! Plus, it also gives me access to their social media profiles to see what they are up to too!
  • Elsevier: this one is a great option for those of us in the sciences.
  • Microsoft Academic search (formerly Bing academic)
  • org: this has been an excellent resource because it not only provides me access to scholarly articles, but I can also find all sorts of other materials like audio or video files that have cultural significance that would be hard if not impossible to find elsewhere. This website makes it easy and convenient for my research needs so thank you archive.org

You can read more about these databases in our previous post.

How can I compile my list of resources from those sites into one master document so that I can easily use it for a research paper?

It will depend on the software that you are using. If Google Scholar is your main resource, then export all of those to an Microsoft excel document or word doc. However if JSTOR is your main source, there would be no need for exporting because they provide their own compilation in another tab when you sign up and search through articles.

Project MUSE has become one of my favorite resources; I love how AJO provides a list page where you just have to click ‘show me more’ at the bottom and voila! You’ll see the rest of them without having to hunt around each individual site like other databases do.

What’s great about these scholarly sources websites is that they offer a ‘scholarly article’ or peer reviewed articles option. This is a great way to make sure you are skimming through the best of what they have to offer and not just wasting your time on materials that may be misleading or unreliable.

How to use Google scholar to find Credible Academic sources

First you need to go to google scholar and sign up for an account with your email address or other details such as name and institution. To do this click ‘Sign In’ at the top left hand side of the page then type in your email address or username – make sure you enter them correctly!

Next, on the homepage of google scholar click ‘Advanced Search’. This will open up a new tab.

In this search box type in what you are looking for and then hit enter to see results from your chosen field such as business studies or computer science.

To find sources that have been cited by others use the advanced options called Cited By with “citations” or the quotation mark below each of the search results.

And to narrow down the search even further you can add words into quotation marks (the exact ones) like “‘literature review‘ OR ‘scholarly article'” – these brackets tell Google Scholar which words should be found within each piece of writing so it knows what to look for when scanning through journals. You may also want to try adding things like citations: “scholarly article” or author: “academic”.

You can also use the advanced search option called ‘Limit by date’. This is useful if you know a year or two that something was published and want to see who has cited it since then. For example, say someone wrote an article in 2008 but it wasn’t discovered until 2013 – limiting your search to articles from 2009 onwards will show this one as well.

In addition there is a tab on google scholar marked “inferred” which gives information about how often certain books are used without opening them up for inspection (though not all of these sources have been peer reviewed).

Help Me with My Homework

Scholarly sources are usually published by academic and scholarly journals, universities, libraries, or other institutions of higher learning. The best way to find these is through the use of a search engine (or database) that will help you narrow down your results in order to get only those publications which meet your criteria for being “scholarly.”

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