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How did the discovery of agriculture change human history? | Agriculture homework help

  • What does the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries do?
  • What was the first form of society in human history?
  • During what percentage of human history has agriculture been available?
  • How did the discovery of agriculture change human history?
  • Write a post proving at least one example of biotechnology in pop culture. This could be a movie, tv show, book, video game, web series, comic, etc. For example, using biotechnology to bring back extinct dinosaurs in Jurassic Park (you may not use this example).
  • Why would we introduce DNA to the BL21 codon plus cell?
  • Why would we add IPTG during its transformation and growth?
  • The LEAST critical part of a plasmid needed to create a transgenic cow that expresses a foreign protein in its milk is:
  1. a stop codon


  1. an ampicillin-resistance gene


  1. a milk-specific promoter sequence


  1. a start codon


  1. a polyadenylation signal
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