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 I need an Early Globalization discussion write-up of at least 250 words following the links below in 6-7 Hours;

1) Read the two YAWP readings – links provided.

capturing Atahuelpa

Atahuelpa killed

Journal of Christopher Columbus, 1492

Bartolome de Las Casas Describes the …..

Columbus’s Thoughts on Natives

2) Read pages 22 – 27 of the US History online text.

3) Then review the videos provided.

4) Read the Howard Zinn chapter excerpt provided.

5) Review the Thanksgiving PowerPoint

6) Review the article link “More cities celebrating ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ amid effort to abolish Columbus Day”

What is the common theme of the sources provided? What does the Howard Zinn chapter teach you about explorer and missionary views of Native Americans? How does the article on “Indigenous Peoples Day” relate to what you have learned? Has your perspective of Columbus and the treatment of Native Americans changed? Did globalization effect the culture of the Native people? What is the most surprising information you learned this week? 

Build the thesis (main idea) of your post by asking yourself similar questions as the examples provided above. Make sure to read and utilize all of the resources provided in order to create an informed and engaging conversation with the class. If you utilize a source, please cite it. Questions should be answered in separate paragraphs.

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