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Hiv/aids | Health & Medical homework help

Your presentation should include all of the following aspects of this disease:
 The organism that causes the disease
o A thorough examination of what type of organism this is (virus, bacteria, protozoa, etc.)
o Its life cycle in detail, any other species involved besides humans, life stages, etc.
o How it is spread
o The infection process as it happens inside the human body
 Regions of the world where this is found, where it may be spreading, other environmental
concerns that impact the life cycle of the organism. Social and economic issues that impact the
spread, war, famine, etc.
 Historic perspective, especially if your disease has been around for a long time. When was it first
identified? how often has it resulted in epidemics or pandemics?

 Current statistics about this disease, yearly patients, deaths, changes over time, is it getting
worse or better?
 The disease process:
o Follow this from infection through all the symptomology and outcomes
o What is the human immune system response?
o Is the patient a carrier, or infected with recurrent episodes or is the surviving patient
immune from further infections?
 What is being done to combat this disease and by who?
o Current medications, vaccines, mosquito nets, draining swamps, etc.
o Latest technologies such as genetic modification of infectious insects.
o National and international efforts to eradicate the disease.
o Future prognosis for this disease: will it continue to exist, spread or disappear?
 What can your audience do to protect themselves?
 What can they do to help the fight against this disease?

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