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Health information management | Information Systems homework help

Health Information Management in a Multidisciplinary Team

Multidisciplinary Team is defined as a diverse group of professionals working together.


You have been assigned to a multidisciplinary team at Riverview Hospital, a 400-bed urban healthcare facility. The team comprises healthcare professionals from various departments such as physicians, nurses, IT specialists, and administrators. You are tackling challenges surrounding patient care coordination, particularly for those with chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

The hospital has recently implemented an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, but adoption rates among physicians have been less than ideal. In addition, a recent patient satisfaction survey has indicated that patients feel their care is “disjointed” and communication among departments is lacking.

Nurse turnover is high, and preliminary analyses suggest this may be due to a lack of effective interprofessional collaboration. Your IT specialists are complaining that they don’t get timely feedback from medical staff about system issues, which hampers their ability to offer quick solutions. Meanwhile, administrators are concerned with keeping operational costs low while still aiming for the highest quality in patient care.

Your challenge is multi-fold:

· Improve the quality-of-care coordination for chronic disease patients.

· Increase the adoption rates for the EHR system among physicians.

· Foster a culture that encourages interprofessional collaboration and reduces nurse turnover.

· Streamline communication between the IT department and medical staff to resolve technological issues more efficiently.

Instructions for this assignment:

Preliminary Research:

· Conduct research on multidisciplinary teamwork, health information management, effective communication, and leadership skills within healthcare.

· Review academic articles, case studies, and best practices. Ensure you have enough information to support your analyses and proposals.

Role of HIM Professionals in Teamwork/ Interdisciplinary Teams

· Assess the role of health information management professionals in facilitating effective communication, collaboration, and information sharing within the multidisciplinary team.

Challenges and Barriers:

· Identify and evaluate potential challenges to effective information exchange among team members. Consider factors such as varying documentation practices and communication styles.

· Strategies for Information Exchange: Develop strategies to enhance the accuracy, accessibility, and confidentiality of patient data within the team.

Leadership Skills:

· Examine the role that Health Information Management (HIM) professionals play in influencing essential leadership qualities within the multidisciplinary team.

· Specifically, focus on their contributions to problem-solving processes, methods of resolving conflicts, and shaping team dynamics.

Human Resource Strategies:

· Analyze HR strategies that foster a culture of continuous learning, improvement, and interprofessional collaboration within the healthcare organization.


Propose innovative ways to leverage health information management expertise for achieving organizational best practices and enhanced teamwork.

Report Guidelines:

· Your findings can be presented in either a written report or a PowerPoint presentation.

Organize each task as a separate section with a clear heading. Cite all references and sources in APA format.

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