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5220 0014 A Group Project

Part I – Individual Preparation Before entering into your teamwork, you will want to address the following scenario on your own: 

You have been asked by the ministry of education or a government agency related to education to be a member of a curriculum committee in your subject area. They have asked you to put together a document highlighting the key areas of reform. 

Where do you begin?

 Will you conduct research? 

What is the first thing you are going to do? 

What are the starting points of such a project? 

Will you be involving other parties in the development of the curriculum and if so, who and why? 

Write down some ideas about tackling this project using the questions above as prompts, as well as anything else you want to include. 

Do some research to support your approach. Once you have your resources together create a Mind Map that will help illustrate your ideas. Use the contents from this Unit to help inform your work. 

On a single page, choose the three (3) most important points you feel are necessary when starting a curriculum reform project in your milieu, explain your positioning in 2-3 sentences, embed some images, resources or create a Mind Map and then be prepared to share them with your team. 

MS word has some preloaded images that can help you create your own Mind Map: MS Word  Insert  Smart Art Mind Map Resources 

• What is a Mind Map? http://www.mindmapping.com/mind-map.php 

• Creating a Mind Map in MS Word https://mindmapsunleashed.com/learn-to-create-amind-map-in-word-heres-how Here is an example of how to get started: As a curriculum developer for Grade 10 high school English, I would begin by organizing the following 3 details: 

School of Education, University of the People

EDUC 5210: Unit 3 – Written assignment

Dr. Florence Niyemba

April 28, 2021


Once preliminary research has been established then forming a subcommittee with the following group will be advantageous towards brainstorming to reach concrete conclusions with regard to a curriculum that is complete, current, and future.

Industry professionals, employers, student representatives, parents, teachers, administration

Since there is only so much that can be predicted about the future it is of utmost importance that


Team Members





Current Curriculum Evaluation

Curriculum Development Process

Many factors and considerations go into the design and development of course curricular. According to Advanced Consulting for Education (2018) the following list is an appropriate place to get started.

  1. Course rationale – What is the purpose of the course
  2. Course Objectives – What should students know and be able to do by the end of this course
  3. Needs Analysis
  4. Situational Analysis
  5. Course Logistics – How will the course be delivered? How long will the course take?
  6. Syllabus
  7. Entry Assessment: How do we decide students
  8. Ongoing Assessment
  9. Exit Assessments – Summative Assessments
  10. Course Evaluation 


Advanced Consulting for Education (2018 December 21)A Basic Curriculum Design Framework retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVGklezIdTo

Sacramento Better Business Bureau (2017, June 29)The Best Method for Designing and Developing a Curriculum

Curriculum Designing Tutorial Retrieved https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mledXUnr7e

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