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Going Hungry | Psychology homework help

Description and Purpose

Getting the word out about eating disorders is essential for getting individuals the help they need. In this project, you are responsible for raising awareness about a particular eating disorder and highlighting its medical complications. To do this, you will apply what you’ve studied in Lessons 1 and 2 and use digital media to communicate your message. You will appropriately use sources outside our textbook and course materials in order to create an informative and compelling presentation that provides support resources for those with the eating disorder in question.

Areas to address

  • Description of the eating disorder and population(s) it affects
  • Medical consequences
  • Support resources
  • References section to cite your sources


Tools you can use include:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud tools (Adobe Express [previously Spark] is recommended),
  • Google Slides

Regardless of the tool you use, the message, information, and citations are key. Consult the attached performance indicators to guide you in your work.

Steps for Completion

  1. Choose an eating disorder to focus on and begin to research it. Start with course materials (lectures, readings – you might especially consult Taylor, K.M. (2008). Going Hungry: Writers on Desire, Self-Denial, and Overcoming Anorexia).
  2. Also locate at least three peer-reviewed sources outside of our course materials. Start with the Library.
  3. Draft your campaign before jumping into any tool. Think about your intended audience (e.g., K-12 or college students? Athletes?) and be sure your message and medium are tailored to that group.
  4. Gather scholarly resources from the Library Website
  5. Gather copyright-friendly visual resources
    1. Unsplash
    2. Pixabay
    3. Creative Commons
  6. Choose your tool and set up organized sections for all areas to be addressed
  7. Keep your message clear and on-target so it’s easy for your audience to get information quickly.
    1. Your presentation text will follow APA citation format, with in-text citations and references.
    2. The resource page intended for those with the chosen ED should include citations of books, articles, and contact information for treatment facilities, etc. that deal specifically with the ED

Design a campaign (to be used, for example, on TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Billboards, etc.) to
raise awareness of the medical complications of a specific eating disorder (ED) and develop a
presentation that consists of 12 slides (Including a title page slide, a reference slide, and a
resource slide). The slides should contain information (text) and images (e.g., photos, color in
fonts, use of animation effects, variation of font size, etc.) from independent sources (other than
the course). Reference page should be in APA format and presentation should include in-text
citations. Resource page should include books, articles, treatment facilities, etc. that deal
specifically with the ED you have chosen for your campaign. It is a page of resources for those
who might be dealing with this ED. The assignment is worth 50 points

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