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Functional requirements in business analysis | Computer Science homework help

  1. In terms of typical I/O device control, the operating system can tell the device to perform a certain task by accessing the __________ register. (a) data-in. (b) status. (c) command. (d) data-out.
  2. How many 8-bit strings do not end with 000?
  3. What are functional requirements in business analysis?
  4. What is a Fedora workstation?
  5. How does a workstation differ from a desktop computer?
  6. Windows os and mac os are examples of which type of operating system?
  7. What is the function of the kernel of an operating software?
  8. When setting up a basic security program, what are the primary threat assessment matters that need to be addressed? Discuss the role of natural, mechanical, and organizational security in your security program.
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