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Formalities: list which players had batnas and explain how



List which players had BATNAs and explain how determining this was in the negotiation.
What does this case study teach us about entrapment?
What advice would you give to someone who needs to negotiate with the Chinese?
“Before tendering began, we were working with the client to develop the brief while the other companies were sitting around” Evaluate the way Benjamin did his due diligence.

“We (the competing bidders) met every afternoon in the hotel bar and compared notes” Evaluate the ethics of this approach and in general of the case.
List at least three key lessons you have learned from this case

“Benjamin understood the concept of ‘face’. Use the case to prove or disprove this assertion.

“Many Chinese see it as their patriotic duty to shoot down foreigners, so you can be like a clay pigeon at target practice.” Use the case to describe what this means

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