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Exp19_powerpoint_ch02_cap_scienceclub | Computer Science homework help

Solution File + Step-By-Step Video is Available in the Answer 



Start   PowerPoint. Download and open the file named Exp19_PPT_Ch02_Cap_Oceans.pptx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename. 


Replace Student Name on Slide 1 with Carla Chen.


Contrast is one of the main   design principles used in a presentation to direct focus and aid in   readability. You adjust the formatting of the font used in the presentation   so there is better contrast.

  Change the title font type to Tw Cen MT (Headings) and ensure the size is 48. Change the font color to   Black, Text 1. Change the subtitle font type to Tw Cen MT (Body) and ensure   the size is 22. Change the font color to White, Background 1, Darker 50%.


Repetition is another design   principle. You change the font on several slides to utilize repetition   throughout the presentation.

  Click Slide 4 and change the title font color to Black, Text 1. Change the   bulleted text font color to Black, Text 1.


Click Slide 5. Change the title   font type to Tw Cen MT (Headings) and ensure the size is 32. Change the font   color to Black, Text 1.


Click Slide 6 and change the   title font color to Black, Text 1. Change the bulleted text font color to   Black, Text 1. Do not change the font color of the email address.


The design principle of   proximity to visually connect or organize the placement between text and the   image on this slide. This will keep create a relationship between the objects   on the slide.

  Click Slide 2 and create a text box and size it to a height of 0.5” and a   width of 4”. Type Whales are amazing creatures  Apply Tight Reflection: Touching as a text   effect. Drag the text box to the lower-right corner.


This slide is enhanced by using   the alignment design principle to add ovals and text to convey the intended   message.

  Click Slide 3 and use Lock Drawing Mode to add four Oval shapes. Size them to a height of   2” and a width of 3.44” . Arrange them from the lower left corner to the   upper right corner of the slide. Change the fill to Blue.


Add a Line Arrow connecting each   oval to the next higher oval. Change the weight to 4 1/2 pt.


Type Primary Producer in the lowest oval. Type Primary   Consumer in the   next oval. Type Secondary Consumer in the third oval. Type Top Predator in the highest oval.


Create a text box and type THE FOOD   CHAIN. Change   the title font type to Tw Cen MT (Headings) and the size to 32. Drag the text   box to the upper-left corner.


Animation is added to the shapes   on this slide to control how they appear on the slide and focus how the   audience receives the message of the slide.

  Click Slide 3. Select the Primary   Producer oval and add the Wheel Entrance animation. Next, select the Primary Consumer oval and add the   Wheel Entrance animation. Then, select the Secondary Consumer oval and add the Wheel Entrance animation. Finally, select the Top Predator oval and add the Wheel   Entrance animation.


Click After Previous in the   Start box for the Top Predator oval.   Adjust the Delay to 00.50. Open the   Animation Pane. Click each of the three lower ovals and then click After   Previous. Close the Animation Pane.


Click Slide 4. Select the   bulleted text and apply the Fade Entrance effect. Set the animation to start   After Previous with a Duration of 02.00 and a Delay of 01.75.  Click the Animation Pane to access the Fade   dialog box. Set the After Animation to Green on the Effect tab.


You apply a transition to all   the slides in the presentation to create visual interest and re-focus the   audience attention as each new slide displays during the presentation.

  Click Slide 1 and add the Fade transition. Set it to apply to all. Set the slides to advance   automatically after 00:03.00.


Video engages the audience’s   emotions and helps to reinforce the message of your presentation. This helps   the audience remember the message of the presentation, so you add one on this   slide.

  Click Slide 5. Insert   the video file oceans.mp4. Compress   the media. Select and delete any additional text boxes that may display when   the video is inserted.


You use the Playback and Format   tabs to adjust the video’s properties.

  Set the video to start Automatically. Change the Video Options to Hide While   Not Playing and to Rewind after Playing.


Apply a Simple Frame, White   Subtle Video Style. Format the video into an Oval shape. 


Audio is added to emphasize the   message of not only this slide but that of the entire presentation.

  Click Slide 2. Record yourself saying “Whales are amazing   creatures” or insert Whales.m4a.   Drag the speaker icon to the lower left of the slide. Set the audio option to   start automatically and to hide during the show.


View the presentation. Save and   close Exp19_PPT_Ch02_Cap_Oceans_solution.pptx.   Exit PowerPoint. Submit the file as directed.

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