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Evolution of your learning journey | Education homework help

How have the experiences changed you? What insights and experiences led to your change overtime? What lessons have you learned that add different dimensions to your story.

Reflect on the material from class (readings, guest speakers, video clips and class discussions) and continue your story from the beginning of the term. Describe the evolution of your learning journey and reflect on the changes you would like to influence in business.

Consider the following questions to guide your story:

  • What do I know now that I didn’t know before beginning this class?
  • How does this shift or change your perspective?
  • What does this learning mean to you?
  • How does your story relate to the future of reconciliation and Call to Action #92?

Submission requirements

  • Reflective examination using 2-3 linkages between course materials and themes that demonstrate your learning journey in understanding Indigenous peoples and Canadian business.
  • One page typed and single spaced.
  • When talking about course themes use third person (he, she, they) and personal comments in first person (I).
  • Upload to Assignment #2 on UM Learn.
  • Submitted in Word format.
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