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A uniform magnetic field exists throughout a cylindrical volume of space of radius 12 cm. The field direction is parallel to the axis of the cylinder and there is no magnetic field outside this cylindrical region. The magnetic field is growing over time, and this induces an electric field. The magnitude of the induced electric field is 17 V/m at a distance of 7.0 cm from the center of the cylinder (note that this is inside the cylindrical volume). At what rate is the magnetic field changing?

Name the two basic types of bioreactors. List the two basic steps of processing achieved as part of industrial biotechnology manufacturing

A wind turbine generator contains a circular coil that is rotated fully through a 100-turn cycle. If the average emf over 10 seconds equals 159 V, with a magnetic field strength of 4.00 T, what must the radius of the coil be in meters?

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