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Engineering | Engineering homework help

  • If an alpha particle and an electron have the same kinetic energy, which undergoes greater deflection when passed through a magnetic field?
  • Why does increasing the charge on two particles by a factor of 2 while decreasing the distance by a factor of 2 causes the force to increase by a factor of 16? What is the relationship between increasing the charge of particles and decreasing the distance between them?
  • Before performing an MRI, why must technicians ask patients if they have any steel inside their body?

    A. The magnetism of the steel will interfere with imaging.

    B. The magnetism of the steel could damage the magnet on the instrument.

    C. Any steel would become magnetized during the imaging.

    D. Any steel could move to align with the applied field and injure the patient.

  • Describe the Bid-Rent Curve in Von Thünen Model in the context of localization of agricultural activities.
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