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John Budinski, quality control engineer at Clarke Engineering, has a problem. Clarke contracted with USAWAY to the requirement that all parts are made in the United States. Although the original design clearly specifies that all parts must satisfy this requirement, one of Clarke s suppliers failed to note that one of the components has two special bolts that are made only in another country. There is not time to design a new bolt if the terms of the contract are to be met. USAWAY is a major customer, and John fears that not meeting the deadline can result in unfortunate consequences for Clarke. John realizes that the chances of USAWAY discovering the problem on its own are slim. The bolts in question are not visible on the surface of the product. Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that those who work on repairs will notice that the bolts are foreign made. In any case, Clarke is under contract to do any needed repairs. Meanwhile, it can work on a bolt design so that it will be ready with U.S. bolts when, and if, replacements are needed.

What should john do based on code of ethics ?

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