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An iron block of 20 kg undergoes a process during which there is a heat loss from the block at 4 kJ/kg, an elevation increase of 50 m, and an increase in velocity from 10 m/s to 50 m/s. During the process, which also involves work transfer, the internal energy of the block decreases by 100 kJ. Determine the work transfer during the process in kJ if the total energy remains constant. Include sign.

Pressure difference required for flow in pipe with elevation change (Fig. 6A.2). Water at 68o F is to be pumped through 95 ft of standard 3-in. pipe (internal diameter 3.068 in.) into an overhead reservoir.
(a) What pressure is required at the outlet of the pump supply water to the overhead reservoir at a rate of gal/min? At 68o F the viscosity of water is 1.002 cp and the density is 0.9982 g/ml.
(b) What percentage of the pressure drop is needed for overcoming the pipe friction?

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