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Draft1 | Management homework help


Real estate investing 


Do not include identifiable information like your name in any of your drafts because your drafts will be reviewed by one of your colleagues using a double-blind process.

At this stage, you have settled on a topic that adds something new to the body of knowledge.

Read a few journal articles related to the topic.

Create an abstract (A concise synthesis on one page with about 100 to 200 words)

An abstract ideally conveys the following (Not necessary in this order).

  1. Why the topic is important
  2. The research question (or the knowledge void to be addressed)
  3. States the methodology used
  4. The theoretical framework
  5. The contribution to the body of knowledge

Abstract Example

Cloud computing providers and their software-as-a-service offerings have become more profuse and mature, making cloud technology an increasingly important platform for business services innovation. Although the cloud offers rich opportunities for transforming businesses—innovating existing services and introducing creative new ones—it also involves risks that business managers must identify and resolve to successfully drive innovation efforts. However, no comprehensive models are available to help managers assess and mitigate the risks they face. To address this void, we reviewed extant literature on cloud computing from a business innovation perspective to uncover the myriad challenges managers confront as they seek to leverage cloud technology in the ongoing transformation of their organization’s service offerings. Combining this systematic literature analysis with McFarlan’s risk management theory, we synthesized an integrated model for managing risk during innovation of cloud-based business services. The model identifies three types of risks (services, technology, and process risks) and four types of resolutions (stakeholder engagement, technology development, innovation planning, and innovation control). The model also helps managers identify their organization’s general risk profile and link that profile to a specific configuration of resolutions.

Keywords: Business Services, Cloud Technology, Innovation, Risk Management, Literature Review

Your submission should have some structure like the following.

  1. Title
  2. ABSTRACT: 100-200 words.
  3. Keywords: 3-5 keywords strongly related to your topic

Refer to  Tasks==> Rubrics ==> Draft #1

Building a research proposal is an iterative process. Some of the above you do not have yet. So, as you read more articles and get more data, you will rewrite and enhance prior sections of your proposal, including the abstract. Moreover, although at this stage you might have some citations in the abstract, in the next version you want to move these to the introduction or so because the abstract should read as a standalone. 

Important notes:

  • Upload to dropbox as .docx extension
  • Consistent formatting
  • Plagiarism and fabrication are not tolerated per APSU’s strict policy regarding these matters. More details are here. Refer to the material from Mrs. Cunningham regarding how to cite/reference. Feel free to consult with her if you need to
  • Spell/grammar check
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