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Donatos: finding the new pizza | BUSI 600 – Business Research Methods | Liberty University

Please see attachment.

1. Map the research design used by Donato’s for new product development.
2. Evaluate the Wassup meetings as an exploratory methodology to help define the
research question.
3. Evaluate  the  test  market  Donatos  used.  What  were  its  advantages  and
4. What measurement scales would you have used on the survey that was part of the
in-restaurant product tests?

Read the assigned case study and analyze the case
scenario/research through a series of questions. The overall structure of each case is similar in
that each case begins with an abstract followed by a description of the scenario/research and
concludes with a discussion about the situation. The discussion is simply a series of unique
questions about the case scenario that you will answer as your Case Study Assignment.  
No abstract is required for the Case Study Assignment nor are an introduction or conclusion;
simply type the questions as an APA style heading and respond. Ensure the following are met:
 Must be supported with at least 4 scholarly (peer reviewed) research articles in your
 Must be at least 900 words (the word count does not include the question text, cover
page, or reference page)
 Use proper grammar, current APA format and submit in MS Word format

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