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Discuss the factors contributing to poor oral health | Health & Medical homework help

Dental Care Clinics

This assignment is to write a “research paper”. This research paper is about the topic that I have previously worked on (I will attach my paper with this mail). The topic or the hypothesis question is “Does access to dental care, as well as urgent dental care clinics help lower emergency room costs?”

Discuss the factors contributing to poor oral health, among which is lack of access to care and then focus on the need for emergency oral health and options currently available, and models of emergency oral health care using the ’emergency dental care’ concept that I included in my paper. In that area, I think you should also research further across the US whether there are models of emergency dental care. include the possibilities for both insured (dental insurance) and uninsured (dental insurance) people. In the paper I talked about the Hypothesis question “Access to “on call” or emergency dental care after normal business hours will help lower healthcare cost in the state of Michigan.” So, keep in mind that the paper should be on Michigan state dental access and options currently available on oral health in Michigan state. As well as focus on the need for emergency oral health clinics or emergency dental care models in Michigan state.

Instructions for the paper:

For a paper that does not involve original research [is not based on interviews or questionnaires or other data you have personally collected] but relies primarily on library research and other sources of public/published data. In that case your paper will follow these sections:

the entire paper must be in APA format.

Introduction to the research topic (give background and significance of research topic/question, 3-4 pages), It should be on an organizational, policy or administrative issue of relevance to professionals in your own field. NOTE: you do not need to include the header word – Introduction – in the APA format
Specific Research Question (be sure to include within introduction section)
Relevant Literature Review [cite recent articles, most within past 10 years, and original sources rather than ‘compilations’ or ‘textbooks; web-based sources must be ‘valid research sources’. In general, you can/should also use professional journals to explore different dimensions of your topic; or other legitimate research sources, such as reports from think-tanks, professional associations, and policy documents]. Do not rely heavily on newspaper articles, or other general web sites.Be sure the websites you consult are legitimate and that the items found on websites is based on research, not opinion. Be sure to include the theory, and models discussed in the literature (see item 4)
Application of Theory, and/or Models that that are relevant to your topic and apply to an organizational, policy or administrative issue that help to improve understanding/explain an organizational or policy issue in public, non-profit, or health administration.YOU MUST REFERENCE THE THEORIES OR MODELS THAT SUPPORT YOUR RESEARCH QUESTION AND/OR APPROACH TO THE TOPIC. TYPICALLY, THESE WILL BE INCLUDED IN THE LITERATURE REVIEW rather than in a stand-alone section. They can also be referenced in your Discussion/Conclusion section.
Conclusions/Discussion of your findings: Summarize the key findings of your research.What is the answer to your research question?
Include graphs or charts related to the paper, if applicable

Include: discussion of the limitations of the study, areas for further research or exploration, any policy recommendations that arise from your study, if applicable

I expect a very detailed paper on the topic I have provided. This isn’t a normal assignment, it is a research paper so please provide a detailed and high-quality paper. I don’t want a paper that deviates from the topic. Also focus on every paper of the paper especially the methods, or models as well as the conclusion part and don’t forget to include limitations of the study and areas of further research or exploration.

Note: I have already developed part of the paper. However, my paper doesn’t have a solid proof that acess to emergency dental clinics will reduce the ER costs. so please provide a solid proof in the paper you are writing

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