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Database management systems in managing organizational data and information | Database management systems homework help

  1. Describe the role of databases and database management systems in managing organizational data and information.
  2. Distinguish the role of databases and database management systems in the context of enterprise systems.

Robin Alper, a manager of the Credit & Collections Department for ACME Building Supplies, is extremely unhappy with a new system that was installed 3 months ago. Her complaint is that the data flows from the Billing and Accounts Receivable Department are not occurring in the manner originally requested. Further, the updates to the database files are not occurring as frequently as she had envisioned. Thus, the hope that the new system would provide more current and timely information has not materialized. She claims that the system analysts spent 3 days interviewing her and other workers. During that time, she and the other workers thought they had clearly conveyed their needs. She feels as if their needs were ignored and their time was wasted.

  • What went wrong during the system design process?
  • Suggest what would be made for future projects.

The three ways of organizing data for use by an organization are _____.

(a) centralized, replicated, and partitioned.

(b) centralized, replicated, and structured.

(c) distributed, replicated, and partitioned

(d) centralized, structured, and partitioned.

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