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Database management programs | Database management systems homework help

  • Which of the following is true?

RDBMS can be in a soft state but key-value stores cannot


Key-value stores can be in a soft state but RDBMS cannot


Both RDBMS and key-value stores can be in soft states


Neither of RDBMS and key-value stores can be in soft states.



  • Database management programs are widely used in today’s business environment. Which of the following are commonly used database management programs? Check all that apply.


OpenOffice Base.


Microsoft Access.


Microsoft Excel.


Camtasia Recorder.



  • Numerous databases can be used to conduct reviews of the scientific literature on a topic in Psychology. Which of the following is not a database that could be used to conduct a scientific literature review? That is, which is not a tool to find a primary resource?




Social Science Citation Index




Psychology Today



  • In UML style E-R diagrams, which of the following would be considered a class attribute of the entity class customer?


Customer name (meaning, the first and last name of the customer)


The customer address (meaning, the street, city, state, and zip code of the customer’s residence


Customer count (meaning, the count of the number of customers)


Customer number (meaning, an assigned number to uniquely identify a customer).



  • Which one of the following relational operators do not require the relations to be union-compatible?











  • Which one of the following is not true about physical keys?


They facilitate quick access of rows based on the value of an attribute


They must be unique


They can be an index


They can be a data structure other than an index.

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