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Cyber defense tools, methods, and components | Information Systems homework help

Often cybersecurity professionals forget the easiest way to access a system is through the front door and not using a computer from 100 miles away. reating a castle in which both physical and network security defenses are defined holds off intruders.

Part 1:

Create a digital diagram of a castle, complete with all the necessary components:

  • Gateway router
  • Firewall
  • Antivirus
  • VPN
  • SIEM
  • Data backup
  • Server
  • IPS
  • DMZ
  • Multifactor authentication

Part 2:

Write a 500- to 750-word-analysis about your castle and address the following:

  • Within each defensive layer of the castle, identify the physical security aspect of the defensive structure and the technical aspect designed to protect the king, the server. (For instance, the castle gate would be considered a physical barrier and gateway router to a system. Not every portion of the diagram may have both a physical and technical aspect.)
  • Incorporate within the design the physical security elements, including environmental concerns (deterrence, detection, delay, response), by identifying them throughout your castle design. Provide an explanation of the design for a professional nontechnical audience.
  • Describe cyber defense tools, methods, and components, and explain how to apply cyber defense methods to prepare a system to repel attacks.

Submit a single Microsoft Word document containing your diagram and your analysis.

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