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CREATE A GANTT CHART | Information Systems homework help

Create a Gantt chart for the entire Business information process of the Proof of Concept. There is a two-month deadline from today to complete the POC. Your Gantt chart must include the following:

  • Today, as the initial meeting.
    • It should appear as the first line.
  • Select teams to participate in the project (1 week).
  • Information gathering (add the information gathering methods you will use and how long each will take).
  • System configurations based on information gathering methods (2 weeks).
  • Create an activity chart based on information gathering (information to create chart supplied; 2 days).
  • Create a use case diagram based on information gathering (information to create chart supplied; 1 day).
  • Show the finished configurations to the team and get feedback (1 day).
  • Make changes based on feedback (3 days).
  • Install the system in the test store (2 days).
  • Train staff (1 day).
  • Run a live test of POC (2 weeks).
  • Five more tasks from the concepts learned in this course.
    • The additional tasks can be subtasks for information gathering methods and other subtasks or major tasks not listed above.

Remember that events in a Gantt chart can happen simultaneously with other events. Some items also cannot start until others are completed. Everything has an estimated time frame, and it is displayed in the chart.

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