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Create a digital portfolio | Human Resource Management homework help

 Create a digital portfolio with the information provided below.


1.) COMM 3350 Pathway to Journalism

Course Description: This course provides students with the intellectual, interpretive, practical, and ethical skills needed to function as professionals in today’s digital world as journalists. Topics to cover are 1) Public Speaking 2) Introduction to Mass Media 3) News and Media Writing.


2.) COMM 3351 Communication skills in Political Journalism

Course Description: The course outlines effective communication skills to advance policy initiatives and advocate for solutions to problems. 1) Listening: A Critical Communication Skill 2) Effective Communication “In-Person” 3) Political Communication Strategy


3.) COMM 3352 Team Building communication skills

Course Description: This course will teach three team-building topics that can help the team to communicate better: 1) Decision Making, 2) Problem-Solving 3) Leadership Skills.


4.) COMM 3353 Communication Skills for Dealing with Fake News

Course Description: This course will emphasize critical analysis of the role of electronic newsgathering and dissemination in modern society, including ethics and responsibilities.    The topics are: 1) Facts and reasoning (logic) 2) The credibility of the speaker (ethics) 3) Appealing to a basic emotion, need, or desire (emotions)


5.) COMM 3354 Communication for Building Relationships

Course Description:  This course will explain the important part of all relationships which is an essential part of any healthy partnership. Topics to cover are: 1) Improving communication in a relationship 2) Managing conflict with communication 4) Seeking help for communication issues 5) Where to get help


6.) COMM 3356 Negotiation Techniques

Course Description: This course will teach how communication is also important in negotiation. 1) Know where to compromise. 2) Be a patient listener 3) Challenges for an Effective Negotiation


7.) COMM 3356 Communication: A bridge for Diversity and Inclusion

Course Description: This course will focus on building and maintaining a talented and diverse workforce, as well as supporting an environment of trust and respect for all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. Topics are: 1) Diversity 2) Equity 3) Inclusion


8.) COMM 3357 Leadership in Journalism

Course Description: This course engages scholars and practitioners who want to advance in leadership education and development. 1) Get to know your audience 2) Scrutinize your incentive structure 3) Look beyond your industry 4) Understand technology

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