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Concert reports | English homework help

Assignment #2

Write a one-song concert report on the song/video of “Black Butterfly” (click on the link.)

“Black Butterfly” Kevin O’Neal Group

List the history of “Cha Cha Cha”, “Boogaloo.”

Please know this song comes under the category of

“Afro American Latin Jazz”

For the purpose of this class, Afro Latin Jazz is divided into three categories:

Afro Cuban Latin Jazz*– Spanish/Instrumental  

Origins: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, (U.S.) etc.

Afro Brazilian Latin Jazz*– Portuguese/Instrumental

Origins: Brazil (U.S.)

Styles: Samba (many kinds of Samba), Bossa Nova

Afro American Latin Jazz*–  English/Instrumental

Origins: United States (influenced from all over the world,)

Be aware: The Clave rhythm is strong in all of these styles of Afro Latin Jazz. Where is the Clave from originally? Can you hear it implied in the music?


 2 – 3 pages long. Typed

 *Reports must have the “Objective”information: 

The Facts:



Where ?


What they did (What instrument)?

 Name of each Song and the Composer?

*Reports must have the “Subjective”information:

Your impressions and artistic observations.


What did it bring to mind?

What do you think?

Example Report:

Imi Park-Jones


Student #

NAME OF LEADER: Eric Person Quartet

Eric Person: alto & soprano saxophone 

(This demonstrates which instrument and what type of instrument)

John Smith: Acoustic piano

(This demonstrates which type of piano vs keyboard)

Bob Zinno: drum set 

(This demonstrates what kind of drums)

Ms. Kay Smith:contra-bass (acoustic bass, upright bass, bass violin) 

(This demonstrates what kind of bass: acoustic vs electric)

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