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Computer Architecture | Computer Science homework help

  • Consider a system with a single-level split cache (D-cache and I-cache). In total, 50% of all instructions are load-store instructions. Out of 1,000,000 ten instructions fetched, 30,000 ten are missed in the I-Cache, and 20,000 ten are missed in the D-Cache.

1) What is the I-cache miss rate? Express your answer as a percentage.

2) What is the D-cache miss rate? Express your answer as a percentage.


  • Suppose Consider a disc with the following characteristics.

A sector size of 512 bytes

2000 tracks per surface

40 sectors per track

10 one-sided platters

Average seek-time=10 msec

  1. A) If the disk platters rotate at 6400 revolutions per minute (rpm), what is the maximum rotational latency (i.e., the maximum time, in seconds, required for a full rotation of a platter)?
  2. B) If one track of data can be transferred per revolution (i.e., one rotation of a platter), what is the transfer rate (how many bytes are transferred per unit of time)?
  • we have a magnetic disk with the following parameters:

Average seek time = 12 ms

Rotation rate = 7200 RPM

Transfer rate = 150 MB/second

Sector size = 512 bytes

Controller overhead = 2 ms

What is the average time to read a single sector?


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