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Communication skills analysis | Communication homework help

Find videos of public health leaders speaking and analyze their communication skills. Post on the strengths and weaknesses.

Post one speaker you consider to be a strong speaker and one that you consider to be a weak speaker. For each, provide commentary on the speaker\’s communication skills. If desired, you can consider the following general rubric when evaluating the speakers:

StyleScore (1-5)VerbalScore (1-5)Non-VerbalScore (1-5)

Plain language

Vocal level


Conversational tone

Vocal delivery


Crediblity; use of supporting evidence


Eye contact

Filler words

Facial expression


Professional appearance

You can seek out videos from YouTube, TED talks, WhiteHouse.gov speeches, and so on. Please include a link to all videos in your post.

In addition to your own post with two videos and commentary, you should reply to at least two of your classmates’ posts with commentary on the communication skills of the speaker in the video.

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