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Communication: placing labels | Human Resource Management homework help

Society labels many things today; Healthcare and the relationship between providers and those they care for has shifted. Some do not like to be tagged, and autonomy plays a significant part in how people make decisions without the control of outside influences. A Patient is associated with a medical term, a person receiving care from a doctor, psychologist, or health care professional. A consumer is defined as a person who purchases goods in addition to services for their personal use. A client is a person who utilizes a service or may receive professional advice from a person or company. While clients may purchase a professional service and consumers pay for goods, all three benefit. People may develop the mindset that consumers are people who have and spend money, while a client may be defined as someone who needs help or may require services. They all need assistance when referring to a patient, client, or consumer. Some may label the status higher when referring to a consumer vs. a client, a mindset people have developed in the human service profession. Many nonprofit organizations consider the clients, consumers, and patients to be intricate parts of an organization. It can only succeed when a nonprofit organization recognizes and respects all that play a significant role in its success. The resources received from consumers the clients within the community and the patients that may receive care, ensuring all needs are met and fulfilled, will help create a great non-profit organization.

Question: What is your view on placing labels on those that are in need of care? Is it offensive if so please explain, if not please explain.

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