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“Cherokee Women Resist Removal” | History homework help

Sarah Winnemucca, “Life Among the Piutes”

“Cherokee Women Resist Removal”

“Xin Jin’s Contract”

These documents offer an important reminder that America’s population (like its history) has never been just black and white, but rather a much more diverse group. Drawing on the documents about Cherokee removal, the contract for a Chinese prostitute, and the Sarah Winnemucca piece, explore the differences that you see between the experiences of white and non-white women in the West. What insight do these readings provide into the ways that race and gender intersect? How do these documents change your understanding of westward expansion?

This must be 2-3 pages long.

It must be in MLA format.

There are specific readings that you must read. Access to the textbook, along with a sample paper, will be provided shortly.

Requirements: 2-3 pages long

The textbook can be accessed through here:

Try going here: https://oswego.open.suny.edu/webapps/portal/execut…

Click on Blackboard Learn.

Then, login with the credentials that I will send soon. It must be EXACTLY like what I sent you.

Then, click on the course that says “Women American History to 1865”.

Then, click on “RedShelf Inclusive Access” on the left-hand side of the screen. It should take you directly to the textbooks with no problems.

I have attached one of the required readings, “Xin Jin’s Contract”, here. I have also attached a sample paper.

Make sure to use MLA format, and check for proper spelling and grammar.

Make sure to use ALL of the readings listed in your response.

To give yourself some context, you may need to read Chapter 9 of A Concise Women’s History.

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