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Ce2004 early intervention | CE2004 | Walden University



This Written Response consists of seven items related to key  components of Early Intervention through the example of a young child  with a possible developmental delay. You will draw on knowledge of  definitions and development, the process for referral and  identification, characteristics of Individualized Family Services Plans  (IFSPs), and details of Early Intervention services for a child and  family, including principles and practices of Early Intervention Home  Visiting.

Note: Rather than refer to children who are receiving support through the special education system as children with disabilities, this Competency uses the phrase children with exceptionalities. The term children with exceptionalities  includes children who are experiencing identified challenges with  development, emotions, and/or learning because of one or more specific  exceptionalities. (Often children are screened and identified with more  than one exceptionality.) The early childhood field also uses the term children with varying abilities  in an effort to acknowledge that everyone varies in their abilities and  not only those children who are officially identified with  exceptionalities.

Professional Skills: Written Communication is assessed in this Competency.

Your response to this Assessment should:

  • Reflect the criteria provided in the Rubric.
  • Adhere to the required assignment length.



For this Written Response Assessment, you will respond to a series of  prompts related to Early Intervention programs and services for young  children from birth through age 2 and their families.

Download the Written Response Submission Form, which includes the  Rubric for this Assessment. Complete the form using the criteria  presented in the Rubric.

Submission Length: 7 prompts with responses ranging from 1–3 paragraphs in length

USE THE —-> Written Response Submission Form IN THE ATTACHMENT AREA!!!

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