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Case Study 1.1 “When Ethics and Policy Collide” | Social Science homework help

Dropbox for Chapter One Textbook Response


CASE STUDY 1.1:         https://www.mediafire.com/file/8lfbhkouw1y5g2x/attachments.zip/file

·         Read Chapter 1, “Being an Ethical Leader.”

  • Preview the PowerPoint Presentation that accompanies this chapter and is included in this week’s module.
  • Complete the textbook response from Case Study 1.1 “When Ethics and Policy Collide” (pp. 3-5) in your text.

Refer to Appendix A for rubric to assist in preparing this assignment.

Appendix A Textbook Response Rubric

Rationale: Textbook responses for this course will assist students in Identifying major methodologies and current trends pertaining to ethical leadership in education.

Provide a one to two (1-2) page response to the case study located in the following chapters: 1, Preview the PowerPoint Presentation for each chapter. Answer the Textbook Response questions located on the last slide of the presentation. Be sure to type each question, use Arial or Times New Roman font (11-12 pt.), and double-space your assignment

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