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Business Scenarios

The assigment is base on the case below, read it and follow to the questions below. one paragraph straight to the point in the case not given the option opinions. 

you can answer the questions in the paragraph bold the Issue, Rule, Application and Conclusion. 

2–1. Standing. 

Jack and Maggie Turton bought a house in Jefferson County, Idaho, located directly across the street from a gravel pit. A few years later, the county converted the pit to a landfill. The landfill accepted many kinds of trash that cause harm to the environment, including major appliances, animal carcasses, containers with hazardous content warnings, leaking car batteries, and waste oil. The Turtons complained to the county, but the county did nothing. The Turtons then filed a lawsuit against the county alleging violations of federal environmental laws pertaining to groundwater contamination and other pollution. Do the Turtons have standing to sue? Why or why not? (See Basic Judicial Requirements.) 

Issue:What are the key facts and issues?

Rule:What  rule of law applies to the case? 

Application:How does the rule of law apply to the particular facts and circumstances of this case? 

Conclusion:  What conclusion should be drawn?

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