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Pilatus PC-12

1. Find and diagram the allowable center of gravity (CG) range for Pilatus PC-12 and explain how passenger and/or fuel loading would affect the CG.
2. Make sure you have TWO Examples of an ACTUAL WT and BALANCE-IE plan your flight with fuel, PAX, and Cargo.
a. Do the first one that ends up out of CG balance show why it is out of balance- So move fuel, pax, or baggage and get it back in balance for the second one!
b. Do not have your example as being overweight, this is all about CG!
c. Do the second one by correcting the first one. Change fuel or PAX or Cargo to make it the correct CG.
d. Explain clearly what you did and show the numbers of both CG to show out of balance and Back in balance!
3. Explain what you did and what are some of the other options you could have used.

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