Week 4 Short Responses Questions and Answers

Week 4 Short Responses – Question 1
1. Your best friend
2. People reading a newspaper editorial you’ve written
3. Your professor
4. The audience at a conference where you are presenting
1. If I were writing for my best friend it would nonacademic, familiar and known. I would
write in a personal matter explaining anything that may have been common knowledge, and I
would speak about the topic assuming my best friend shares an interest in it
2. In this case, the audience would be nonacademic, unfamiliar and unknown. I would write
in a professional matter and elaborate on anything that is not common knowledge. I would
also speak about the topic in general way because I don’t know how interested in the topic my
audience would be
3. My professor would be academic, unfamiliar and known. I would write in a professional
matter, and go into more detail about advanced subtopics, I would also assume that the
professor is interested in the topic of my paper
4. In this case the audience would be academic, unfamiliar and known. Much like speaking to
my professor, I would be professional, I would avoid going into such detail about advanced
subtopics because I know less about the academic levels of the audience.
Week 4 Short Responses – Question 2
Consider how your audience might influence the information you include in an historical
analysis essay about the Women’s Suffrage Movement.
What audience would be most interested in reading about the women’s movement? How
would you tailor your presentation to that audience? What message would be most
appropriate for this audience?
Several different audiences could be interested. It could be anyone from women’s activist
groups or to a classroom for 5th grade girls. For this example, my audience would be a
classroom of female High school students. I would address the class in a professional matter
that is somewhat personal because of the age. I would explain things that were not common
knowledge for a high school student, but I would not elaborate to heavily. The overall
message for women suffrage would be triumph in the power of protesting and democracy. I
would also make it a point to say that there is still work being done today but emphasize the
optimism that women’s rights have come a long way.
Week 4 Short Responses – Question 3
Let’s say the intended audience for your historical analysis essay about the legal battle for
women’s suffrage is a group of civil rights lawyers. How would you explain the legal
background of the Constitution and the Nineteenth Amendment? How would this approach compare and contrast to an audience of high school students?
I would not have to elaborate in much detail about the nineteenth amendment and what it was
about because civil rights lawyers would already be well versed on the subject. Instead I
would focus more on how the constitution and nineteenth amendment was interpreted during
that time and how that interpretation effected the women’s suffrage movement. It would be a
major contrast with high school students because most would not be aware of the details
involved with the nineteenth amendment so I would have to explain the background of that
amendment first.
Week 4 Short Responses – Question 4
Was President Kennedy’s decision to support the Equal Rights Amendment a necessary cause
for the amendment’s passage by Congress?
President Kennedy’s support of the ERA was more of a contributory factor rather than
necessary. As said in the article, the opposition for the ERA waned when other pressing social
issues took effect such as Vietnam war and civil rights. Though President Kennedy’s support
contributed to the ERA passage by congress, it may have very well passed without it.
Week 4 Short Responses – Question 5
Was the social tumult of the 1960s a necessary cause of the women’s liberation movement?
Though there is a strong argument that the social tumult of the 60s was necessary for
women’s liberation because it reduced a lot of the scrutiny and taboo nature of women
wanting equal rights. Despite this, I still do not think that this is definitive evidence to
conclude it as a necessity. Women’s liberation may have still come even if there was no social
unrest during that time.
Week 4 Short Responses – Question 6
Simone de Beauvoir was the intellectual founder of the women’s liberation movement.
Tailor this thesis statement into a message suitable for an audience of high school history
Being a middle-class college educated women herself, Simone de Beauvoir, like many
women was unhappy with the social roles of being a mother and house wife that society
placed on women in her position. Simone as a feminist spearheaded the movement that
expanded on the initial movement of women’s suffrage and feminism and moved to
reproductive freedoms and equal rights.
Week 4 Short Responses – Question 7
The women’s movement’s focus on issues related to sexual freedom, including reproductive rights, galvanized support among many younger women, but it cost the movement support
among many older and more socially conservative women. Tailor this message for an
audience consisting of students in a Women’s Studies class.
Though the women’s movement was supported by women of all ages and social views, by the
women’s movement focusing on issues related to sexual freedom, the women’s movement lost
support by older women and conservative women
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