Weasler Fallacy Task

Here is a good webpage that gives a description of the Weasler fallacy: https://www.thoughtco.com/weasel-word-1692604  Just the other day, there was a map of the United States divided up by certain candies favored in each state. Here is a copy of that article: https://www.influenster.com/article/americas-favorite-halloween-candy-state-by-state .

Weasleys get used a lot in advertising, unfortunately, but that is because they help sell things. If you think about it, a hamburger is a hamburger, so how do you “sell” one if you are Jack-in-the-Box trying to beat out McDonald’s? You have to make it a super-burger, or a triple burger, or the burger has a “secret” sauce.

Assignment: Identify how the webpage about candies of the particular states on the map is using the Weasler fallacy. Find 5 uses of the fallacy, not including the name of the website.

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