Unit 3 Discussion: Presentations – the Good and the Bad

As business managers, we will be expected to share information through presentations, whether in a meeting room or via web conferencing. All of us have sat through very good presentations as well as very bad presentations. Before you start this discussion, watch this very short video on good vs bad presentations.

Instructions for Your Main Post

Locate a recorded video of a speech, a presentation, or a live feed on the Internet. You must be able to see the presenter as well as hear the presenter.

YouTube is most likely your best place to find such a recording because the site has many such presentations. Select a presentation that either relates to leadership.

Listen to and observe this presentation. Respond to the following questions and points in your main post:

  • Provide a live link to the presentation.
    • Provide the speaker’s name, location, topic, date, and any other pertinent information we should know.
  • What was the speaker’s goal to persuade, instruct, inform, or build trust?
    • In your opinion, did the speaker meet this goal?
  • Identify the speaker’s intended audience. How well did the speaker relate to this audience?
  • Was the presentation organized?
  • Did this presentation hold your interest? Support your answer with an example of why or why not.
  • What one single most important recommendation would you make to this speaker before his or her next presentation?
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