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Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Homework Help

Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Homework Help

Topic for PowerPoint presentation– Ukraine-Russia crisis

  1. What is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?
  2. What is Ukraine crisis?
  3. What did Russia take from Ukraine?
  4. When did Russia invade the Ukraine?
  5. What part of Ukraine is controlled by Russia?
  6. Where is the Ukraine crisis happen
  7. Why it is happening
  8. Why and how countries are involved in these Ukraine-Russia crisis wars.
  9. Which countries is involved and how many
  10. What is happening and what is going to happen.
  11. What does a phosphorus bomb do?


Context: war on Ukraine and Russia. News and articles about the ensuing aggression of Russia in Ukraine.

a) What is the main problem?

b) How did the problem come about? (Trace its history)

c) What is NATO doing on the issue?

d) Will this problem be solved? Provide possible solutions.

e) Explain why Russia wants to control Ukraine

f) Why is there a war between Russia and Ukraine?


References must be here:



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