Three principles that would allow for the establishment of a better society

Guidelines For this assignment, students are required to articulate three principles that would allow for the establishment of a better society. A “principle” is defined as a “fundamental proposition that serves as a foundation of a system of belief” (Lexica/Oxford Dictionary).
The principles must i) deal with political issues or problems that students (or their families and friends) have encountered; ii) take into account the well-being of the individual and of society; iii) demonstrate an understanding of the potentiality and limits of existing political institutions; iv) be coherent.
Each principle should be a sentence expressing an idea about how to make society better. Students must then justify/explain in a paragraph following each principle why it should be implemented. Students could notably explain how this principle is an improvement on the status quo, who this principle would benefit and how, whom might it harm (if anyone) and how, and what they anticipate as problems in trying to implement such a principle.
Students are free to construct their vision based on contemporary or historical societies and should keep in mind that visions of society tend to be embedded in a critique of the status quo and touch on various aspects of social, economic and political life. In addition, visions of society implicitly (or explicitly) benefit particular groups in society over others. The principles should not reproduce already existing principles since one of the goals of the assignment is to reflect upon what needs to be done in order to improve a given society.

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