Theories of Personality Assignment

This assignment is a four-part paper, total length between 13 – 16 pages. It will all be in one Microsoft Word document. A minimum of 3 – 5 reference is required. The paper needs to be in APA style, with a title page, subheadings, in-text citations and a reference page. Please read the details for each part.

Part 1: Summary and Analysis

Use the following link to read an article and provide a two-page summary and analysis of the article/event that addresses the following questions:

· What is the focus of the article/event?

· Why is this article/event relevant now?

· What is the relationship between this article/event and personality psychology?

· What are the key conclusions, questions, or issues relevant to this article/event?

· What questions remain unanswered in relationship to this article/event?


Part 2: Research Article Application

Using the attached article (labeled as Part 2 Article), write a three-page summary, analysis, and application of the journal article that addresses the following questions:

· What is the purpose of this research?

· How did the researchers investigate their research question?

· Are the conclusions of the study appropriate? Has the author overemphasized or under-emphasized any findings?

· What are the key strengths and weaknesses of this study?

· How does this research add to our understanding of personality or personality theory?

· How does this study inform your popular article/event?

· Do the conclusions of this research align with the message of your article/event?


Part 3: Connection to Personality Theory

The third step is to analyze your article from Part 1 in relation these three different psychodynamic theories:

· Karen Horney: Theory of Neurotic Needs

· Erich Fromm: Psychosocial Personality Theory

· Henry Stack Sullivan: Interpersonal Theory of Nursing

If you don’t like these three theories, any other theory can be picked, whatever you see fit. For each theory, you will want to explore the relevance (or lack thereof) for understanding the article from Part 1.

Write a one- to two-page analysis for each of your three theories that includes the following information:

· Brief overview of theory (up to two paragraphs with appropriate citations)

· Discussion of how the theory either supports and explains your article/event OR how the theory offers an alternate understanding of your article/event

· Analysis of the value of the theory for understanding personality in the context of your article/event


Part 4: Personal Relevance

The last step is to reflect upon the article, research, and personality theory in relation to your own life.

Write a three-page reflection and analysis that addresses the following questions:

· How is the material in this article/event relevant to your life?

· What can you learn from the personality theories or research relevant to this article/event?

· Does the article/event or research challenge any of your old opinions? Or does it challenge you to form any new opinions?

· How can you apply what you have learned about personality research or theory to better understand your life? What is the practical value to understanding personality research or theory?

· What concerns do you have about the article/event, personality research, or personality theory?

The idea is that the first two articles are relevant to each other. Overall structure of the paper should look something like this:

· Title page (1 page)

· Body of paper

· Summary and Analysis (2 pages)

· Research Application (3 pages)

· Personality Theory

· Theory 1 (1-2 pages)

· Theory 2 (1-2 pages)

· Theory 3 (1-2 pages)

· Personal Reflection (3 pages)

· Reference page (1 page)

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